Weight Management

Cognitive behavioural therapy for “Weight Management” The way you think about food, your body, & your health affects your feelings, your behaviour & therefore your weight.

Want to save yourself some money?

“Do You Want to Save Money” It takes courage to “Quit Smoking” “Stop Smoking” be a “Non Smoker” & it may not be an easy journey. But it’s a brave & sensible choice. Some of the positive changes will happen quickly, while others will be more gradual,but all the...

Everything to gain nothing to lose

Do you want to STOP smoking? Do YOU KNOW anyone that would BENEFIT from Quitting? To be good at something the saying is that you need to have passion. @hypnosishelpsme we have passion lots of it and for a very good reason. This is why we have a unique “Quit...

Why we smoked

“WHY WE SMOKED” When we are in our teens we are often in a hurry to reach adulthood. We project ourselves the way we would like to be seen,as adults. We don’t like to be seen or thought of as a child but at the same time we lack the confidence &...

” I went to see Jeff with an eating problem I have, I should say have. Jeff did a great season with me, helping me reach a really relaxed state. He made my time all about me and made some very positive suggestions. I know see things in a different light, a more positive light and I now my future will be brighter.We all need a little help sometimes. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking to take control of their lives and move forward. I have also not taken any pain killers since that day.”

Ruth Hall