When we are in our teens we are often in a hurry to reach adulthood.
We project ourselves the way we would like to be seen,as adults. We don’t like to be seen or thought of as a child but at the same time we lack the confidence & experience to be a complete adult.
So we look for ways to affirm this. So it was accepted that adults smoke!
And we reject anything but that which we aspire to become.
Tobacco companies are/were well aware of the habitual nature of tobacco and they targeted young people accordingly,portraying heroic figures as enjoying the pleasures and riches with success that attracts that beautiful woman or handsome man.
And at this age fantasy is mistaken for reality & we are naive and gullible.
And any suggestions it may become a habit seems absurd.
The harsh reality is that we are to young to be wise and to old to be told.
If you are interested in learning more and are prepared to do what it takes to quit and are completely committed then please contact us.
Hypnosis is but just a part of the process we use inĀ assisting you in quitting,we have a chemical and drug free “Quit Smoking” program that is unique. We offer coaching and support designed and tailored to suit you enabling YOU to empower yourself,and in doing so you become accountable and consciously aware of your smoking,this brings awareness and the ability to QUIT.
We also offer a support page after you have quit.
Within 20 mins of “Quitting Smoking” your body begins a series of changes that continues for years.
Your blood becomes less thick&sticky increasing blood flow.
The risk of heart attack decreases.
Smell&taste is enhanced&nerve endings start to regrow.
Your bronchial tubes will relax,making breathing easier.
And your wallet/purse becomes fuller.
These are just but a few of the many benefits that you can expect from quitting,not to mention the possibility that you may just save you&your loved ones heartbreak latter on.
Thank you